Convergence of Cyiss

 So last year (June 2014) I had begun planning this post for my latest gaming purchase.

Turns out that I never got round to completing it, but now I am looking at my Convergence, and getting their paint jobs finished up as I have some games with them at MinMax games in Kirkcaldy.

Since the digital release of the free rules for Warmachine and Hordes I have been meaning to get back into the game (it is, after all, very enjoyable).

So yesterday I was aiming to get a load (well hopefully at least 2 or 3) 15 point games in, and my model choice actually gives me a wide range of armies I can try and build with that.

So what do I have?

Warcaster Forgemaster Syntherion
- So this guy was missing one part of his right arm when I assembled him, it means he looks a little off, but still performs well on the battlefield! 
Cipher Warjack - Heavy Warjack
Galvanizer - Light Warjack
Mitigator - Light Warjack
Clockwork Angels Unit
Reductors Unit

Perforator Unit
Attunement Servitors x 3

Of all of that only one of the Clockwork Angel Units is not assembled.

The Warjacks just need basing, as does the Warcaster. The Clockwork Angels need painting, and the other unit assembling.

The Perforators are painted but need basing, and the reductors need one final colour and then basing as well.

I haven't really tied using many Units in games of Warmachines & Hordes... something I think I corrected yesterday as i basically planned on trying out all of the models, thats the aim of my lists... basically make up a load of 15 point lists so I can try them all out !

Next time, which list i used, and how it performed.