Aquan Leviathan Unboxing

Work, Beta Testing & a Baby... my excuse for the long time between posts!

This time though we are taking a look at the Firepower Leviathan Helix for the Aquans, I liked the mode from the Renders I saw... I love it from the actual model in front of me!

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So first up a quick look at the back of the box, for those of you that play Planetfall you can get an idea of the scale of this guy, for those that dont those little tanks around his base are only around 1" in height.

The contents of the box itself, the first thing that stands out is the size of the base itself. 

Here is the main head section, love the detail of this, would be great if this was actually one of their Spaceships or Aerial attack ships as it is a nice chunky piece of resin and has a very Aquan esq feel to it. 

The legs, and the first real problem with any Spartan purchase.. can you see it?

If you didnt spot it I got two left legs... not something to remodel on this beauty. At this point I contacted Spartan (they add a note into all their boxes with what to do in a packing error, and in a couple of days I had the models right leg! Easy Peasy).

The Imzanis & their bases. These guys are slightly different on the table top to the other Imzanis given they have to purchase a specific special rule, so going to have to think about how i paint them to represent their Elite status. 

The Titan Solar Lasers... these guys are very effective on the table top.

All in all very happy with this purchase... cannot wait to get it painted!