Dindrenzi Core Helix - Unboxing (Picture Heavy)

Another unboxing post, and this time its about the Dindrenzi Core Helix.

The Core Helixes for each race provide all the models you need (and even a building) to get you started gaming.

If you get two then you will have every option available to your Core Helix and the ability to tailor your Core Helix choices. 

The pictures, after the jump

First up when you open the box you will be created by the usual careful packaging that comes with Spartan games products.

Bubble wrap around the models themselves, and a clear plastic bag with the bases included. 

Here is the building, unassembled, and very easy to put together / take to pieces after each game. Myself personnally I spray paint the plastic, and glue the building together with PVA to ensure i have a nice sturdy structure when I am gaming. 

The bubble wrap bags, before the unwrapping! 

First up we have the Damocles MkI drop pods, these guys deliver the Nyx infantry into the thick of the combat. 

They are single piece models, but as usual with Spartan highly detailed. 

The next bag contains the Kratos heavy tank (on the left), and their Nexus designator attachment. 

Now for the Kratos with it's main gun attached, this isnt actually it glued, it slotted in pretty well for these photos which is good! 

Below is the Circe, the attachment that can either be attached to the Kratos Heavy Tank Squad, or to the Eris tank squadron.

It allows you to Zero in your Sky drops helping the Damocles arrive where you want it to, and if you dont have any of those, or they are all in, you can then use it to make your shooting better when on the move! 

The next one I opened contains the Nyx infantry, 8 bases all told and two seperate units of 4.

Now for the Eris medium tanks. I always view the mediums of any core as the true work horses of the game, they can lay down some serious hurt, and while not as devastating as the Heavy Tanks, they are generally far more manoeuvrable! 

Below the Eris with their main guns attached, same as the Kratos here no glue they just slotted in place for these pictures which is excellent. 

The clear plastic bag opened up, this one contains all the bases for the models, the sky drop markers, the light Leto Tanks, and the metal Nyx that are required to complete the bases. 

The Nyx, Sky Drop markers, tiny dice, and the guns for the Eris.

The full contents of the box laid out in some form of formation! 

This purchase allows me to start my own small Dindrenzi force, or more likely to ally them in to a larger Directorate army.


Mike Laglen said…
Hi Kraggi,

Big fan of your Dwarfs review here:


Quick question, s bit strange, I know- the images you posted in that article are great, and really show off the brilliant dwarf models compared with what GW now have on their site.

Do you still have any more hi-res dwarf images in 873 x 627? I'm just doing the rounds, saving every old Warhammer model images before they disappear forever in the advent of Age of Sigmar. Thanks for reading! :)