August Planetfall Releases

So this month Planetfall moves onto some of its Aerial Helixes.

Given that the Helix is labelled the Aerial Interceptor Helix, that could represent a second follow up helix in the future?

More after the Jump.

First up we have the Aquans

Follow by the Dindrenzi

Now for the Sorylians (I do like the ones looking like oversized Pod Racers!)

Now for the Terrans, you can definitely see some of the similarities between these and the Hawker Industries Aerial Helix (which makes sense as they are Natural Allies)

The Directorate, appear to have the Helix design that represents cloaks, which should be cool on a flyer, and the smaller ones are similar to the Punisher drone that is currently part of the Heavy Helix.

Finally we have the Relthozans, which are just stunning, these guys are quite literally turning into the Bugs from Starship troops in my opinion, they can and will swarm all over you!

So what do you guys think? Any sure fire purchases here? I notice their pre-order prices is only £23, which is outstanding when you consider other options & retailer discounts.

Personally I will be getting these from my local in Edinburgh (6's2hit) who do a decent discount, that should knock them below £20! 

Love it when something comes out for an army at that price!