Planetfall Games

In line with the Warlog used over at the Spartan Games forums, here are some details of my last couple of Planetfall Games.

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Two v Two Game
Aquans & Terquai with Sorylians vs Terrans & Hawker Industries with Terrans
Points Total 7000 Points
Zero Hour Tracker Starting Point: 70
Final Scores: -16 / 5
Turn Count: 5

We played this game on a 8 x 4 table, which turned out to be a good decisions as setting up all the models took up a lot of space. 

The game itself was closely fought, although in the final analysis our focus on their Command Units probably made all the difference to best honest. 


The Hawker Industries Artillery strike that was one Success shy from outright destruction of the Sorylian Heavy Walker

The Aquan Locatu Tank Destroyers using a Crystal to wipe out a Recon Squad in one turn, and then a Tyr command tank in the following one, increasing their total AD by at least 10 both times. 

The Twin Sedna Squadron popping a Tyr Heavy Tank in the first round of shooting (Precision Shot is awesome)


Demo Game
Aquans Core Helix vs Terran Core Helix
Zero Hour Tracker Starting Point: 25
Final Score: 0 / 10
Turn Count: 4

This was a quick run through of the game with a new player, just to give them a taste for Planetfall.

The Sedna once again Shining by taking out the Terran Command tank in two Volleys
The Heimdal's rocking up and tanking everything else on the table (pretty much).


Greg Barr said…
I don't get it; are you saying the Hawker artillery strike on the Huk’Vok’Ka was a highlight because it demonstrated how broken and unbalanced the cowardly attacks of the Hawkers are or because it demonstrated the unparallelled magnificence of Sorylian war machines?
Greg Barr said…
Also thanks for the game lads, you guys are good people (for warm bloods anyway).
Wayne Mountan said…
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