On the Painting Table

Its been a while since my last on the painting table post.

Time to see how the models that were there are getting on, and whats made its way to my painting table now.

Below are a couple of shots of my two Aquan Sedna's, the heavy tanks from the Core Helix.

Thought thee guys would be difficult to get looking the way I wanted, but so far they dont look too bad, just dont look at them close up! 

Here are four of my Imzani's light tank squadrons, this is the second set, and currently just has two of the blues on them. 

The is the SirSir, it gets attached to armoured elements (so medium or large tanks) and has two main uses, either as a damage soak, place it out in front of the squadron and it takes the hits first which can be pretty useful, or for its primary function of Zeroing in those Sky Drop sites. 

This model is one that is coming along, and I am pretty happy with it, its now awaiting a wash to finish it off... and the base of course!

Here is a finished Imzani from my first Helix, not too happy with the base at the moment, but the overall colour scheme is working well for me and I just need to get a wash on it to truly class it as completed. 

And here is the box of the rest of the models I have, well a large chunk of them at least.

It contains my Second Directorate Core Helix, most of my medium tanks (the Lamana) for my Aquans, all of the 12 infantry bases, and a Dreadball Extreme team. 

Really need to find more time to paint!


ahmadan said…
Looking good! I really like your two-toned scheme, it really brings home the aquatic theme.

Kraggi said…
Thank you, more work that I usually go for in models, but it seems to be paying off.
ahmadan said…
I have a similar scheme going, but I've gone for green as complement instead .

How are you planning to paint the crystals?

Kraggi said…
I was actually planning on leaving the Crystals just as they are, I like how they look, and to be honest the less work the better lol.
ahmadan said…
I know what you mean... I've spent too much time and energy on them, without being happy with the result ( shameless plug: http://quiethobby.blogspot.se/2015/02/almost-but-not-quite.html )

Kraggi said…
Thanks for the link, I am always on the look out for more blogs to read and add to my blog roll!

I do like those actually, very cool idea, I just have too much else to paint when the crystals they gave me work well hehe.

Maybe once everything is painted I will tweak it around a little more.