The War Log

While perusing the Spartan forums this week I actually went and read the War log for Firestorm & Planetfall.

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The concept is simple:

Every game that is played by forum members gets posted to a threat, where the OP then updates the War log to show how the overall War is progressing.

During the year the War log has a lovely looking graphic updated to show the current progress, and total scores accumulated.

Its open to anyone with a Spartan Games account and gives you a set of data to have a look at to see how races are performing.

From Spartan's view point I guess this gives them some real data of the performance of their races and might suggest any specific imbalances.

Mainly though I just think its cool, it allows you to tie all your games together and feel part of the larger war effort.

So in an effort to try and help get the enthusiasm up for the game in my local area, I decided that the Dwarf Sector's time had come to join the war.

The concept is pretty simple in that any games that I (or anyone else I can get involved in) plays will contribute to the fate of the Dwarf Sector of space, in addition to contributing to the overall War Log.

The concept for this is pretty simple, any games played of either Firestorm or Planetfall can contribute to the Space or Planets (respectively).

Each side declares what Planet / Sector they are trying to influence prior to the game, then plays the game out.

The victory affects the sector overall score slight, and specific areas in a more significant way. At the moment both the Kurak Alliance & Zenian League hold 50% of the sector, and given that both Firestorm & Planetfall use a Score tracker, it is possible to use the difference in that score tracker to determine the effect on each area of Space or Planet.


I ask for the same information as the War Log (so that way I can upload the result if the person in question doesn't have a Spartan games account), and then I will update the sector map above.

It doesn't look quite as cool as I would have hoped for a sector of space, but then my art skills are pretty limited, I hope the colours of this will become a lot more interesting as each force begins to fight (anyone that has suggestions for how to do this better, and then an easy way to update the shading in each sector, please let me know, at the moment I am using powerpoint!).

I am lucky enough that in the next few weeks I should be able to get three or four games of Planetfall in, and with some luck I will be able to start getting back into Firestorm as well (there are a number of people with Firestorm fleets).

Until we get into the really big games (and we are talking 5000 points or more), we are unlikely to begin to see margins of victory of much more than 20 points.

Any thoughts or comments (both the good and the pitfalls of this type of idea) are welcomed.

If you are on the Spartan forums say hi, my user name is Kraggi, and if you end up in the Edinburgh area and fancy a game or intro let me know and I will see what I can do :-)