Saturday Night Planetfall

A quick post,

A couple of snaps from a game in progress vs my brother of Planetfall, interested in a review, click here.)

He was playing with his Terran's, unfortunately still haven't had the weather for him to get them undercoated yet. 

The game ended with a solid victory to his Terrans, helped by some outstanding shooting (15 shots, which resulted in 20 successes taking out one of my transports with his first shot of the game.)
I learnt that Cyber Warfare really needs to be the first thing you do at the beginning of each turn (putting an activated marker on a unit that has already activated sorta sucks...)

Just after the beginning of the game, my two big tanks basically got stuck behind the buildings in the centre... which didnt help me at all!

His transports escorting (rather than transporting) his troops across the battlefield, as they are a larger class and block line of sight!

The Advancing wave of Terrains, two large tanks, scouts and his medium, along with escorting shield tanks... eek!

The aftermath of that 20 success generating shot, only four bases of infantry got out that transport!

The sole bright point of my game was my five recon scouts out flanking his scouts and medium tanks... they didnt last long but flank and rear shots are fun!