Planetfall Battle Report (Picture Heavy)

So on Friday I completed my first real Demo of Planetfall at my local games club, pictures and the details after the jump!

I was demoing it to Dougie, and decided (as his preference was for the Directorate) to use the Aquans.

We basically played the game with the Helix's out of the starter box, and the Terquai and the Works Raptor, so I could show how the Helix activation works, and see Sky Drops and Flyers in action again. 

We set the Zero hour tracker to 20 to give us a chance to see most (I hoped) of the rules in play. 

The only forces painted are the Directorate, so the Aquans and Terquai are pretty easy to pick out in the pictures!

Above, the setup, and position after recon moves, and the Directorates first activation.

His first shots from the Trojans resulted in my unit being Rushed, followed by an activation marker... which kinda left them in an annoying place for me. 

A little bit into the game and I had managed to drop in some Sting Ray's that he really didnt like and focused a lot of firepower on them.

The Aquans advance, leaving the Infantry to hold the objective, while the Terquai lurk awaiting their orders!

His Recon scouts surged forward to claim the central objective!

A slightly wider view of the battle field here still in turn 1. 

As we entered turn 2, I decided it was time to call in some Terquai reinforcements. The Nabis infantry arrived via portal, and quickly claimed the Secondary Objective, and wiped out the Recon vehicles that had been holding it. 

Prior to this the Iophon heavy gunship had fired on the Directorate troops hold their Tertiary objective killing one, and forcing a dis-order marker on them from the resulting test.  

The Aquan forces advance to support their Teraquai allies, with the tide turning around the central objective. 

A full turn passed with me forgetting to take any pictures! However the Scouts of the Aquans, not only managed to get side shots on the Works Raptor Hover Craft, wiping them out, but then managed the same against the Avenger tanks, where by they killed one of them outright.

Another wider shot of the battlefield. 

The Scouts themselves proved very useful in threatening at his flanks.

Another unit of Nabis deploy via the portal and make of the Heavy Tank, while they lost one of their number they inflicted one point of damage, and then when the transport came in to have ago at them they took no damage in return for placing another point of damage on them. 

The Sedna had managed to kill one of the two remaining Avengers, with damage from its main guns followed by the precision targeting. The resulting disorder test found the lone Avenger tank fail to get any passes whereby knowing its doom was upon it charged boldly into the fray. 

For all its attempts to cause damage the Nabis & Temporal Portals shields prevented any damage at all, even with the Forlorn hope marker.

At the end of this turn the Aquan Zero Hour Marker reached Zero, while the Directorate were still sitting on 7 points. 

It has taken me four games to get a victory in Planetfall, but not with my preferred army! 

The Aquans are actually really fun to play, the Sky Drops are interesting for the decision making process, and the Iophon Gunship and Nabis are absolutely outstanding!
Flyers aren't overpowered the way they can be seen in some games, but rather are very fast moving, and relatively fragile weapons platforms, AA weaponry strips them of their primary advantage, and it doesn't take a lot to bring them down.