On the painting table (picture heavy)

My plan is to try and get a post up semi-frequently showing you guys what I have on my painting table.

More after the jump....

Hopefully the random snapshots I will take will give you all a bit of a view of how I am progressing, and with some luck it might even help me get the painting done in a timely manner (not looking at the three factions for Deadzone that still havent had any paint after 12+ Months. 

The Recon Vehicles & the Troop bases, now mostly painted and based. Still needing some grass, a few highlights and the ever awesome Nuln Oil.

More of my Directorate & Works Raptor faction that are painted and half based. Including two of the objective markers as well. 

The Aquan Heavy tank fro mthe front, pretty happy with how this is coming along at the moment.

And again the Aquan heavy tank from the bottom

In this picture you can just about see the two guns to go with the heavy skimmer, the marker tank (helps zone in your Sky Drops) and the four Recon vehicles for the Aquans as well. 

If you want to find more out about Planetfall here is my review


Curtis said…
Very nice. Those Aquan ships are beautiful. I hope mine end up half as good.
Kraggi said…
Thanks Curtis, so far its only three colours though so still need to see if they turn out as clean when I try and detail them, painting is not my strong point lol.