Imperial Assault @ Dwarf

Friday night ended up being my first shot at Imperial Assault, rather than another game of Planetfall.
The mini's as you can see below are nearly all one piece minatures, the only one that required assembly was the Scout Walker.
The models are remarkably good for single piece models, a few mould lines on the shoulders of the Storm Troopers, but all in all I was very impressed.

The board setup for this game is probably quite fun if you are building one of your own, if however you are building one from the book it does take a bit of co-ordination and planning and definitely took us around 10 minutes to find all the pieces, get them all on the right side, and all connected correctly.

Below our fearless group of Hero's have just landed, and are ready to venture forth.

A bit of a wider view to show you how the game is progressing. I was in charge of Saarkhan, a fiercesome Wookie.

A Wookie that after two turns had used all their Focus up, and had 9 points of damage out of 14 on them... .recklessness may not be the way forward here!
Or Maybe not... it wasn't all down to the Wookie, but her certainly did most of the heavy lifting.

Our Sniper up close and personal with three Strom Troopers and their Officer... this isn't going to end well!
When we ran out of time we were just about to run into the Blaster Tri-pod, so things were going to get sticky real quick, as the Tripod itself took out my Wookie in one round of shooting
Overall a very fun game that kept us all entertained and playing, now Dave (the owner) just needs to find someone to volunteer to paint Storm Trooper white....