Deadzone - Wave 2 Terrain

A quick post today
So here you can see the 6' x 2' board covered in Deadzone terrain, and the beginnings of a tower I was going to build, and then changed my mind.
The three pictures above showed my initial thoughts, however, by the time I finished building all, well most of the terrain I ended up with the bits below.
Still to have a few finishing touches and obviously a lick of paint, but gives you an idea of the bits I have built.


Greg Hess said…
Looks great. That terrain would be fantastic for any gaming system!
Kraggi said…
It looks very good for any 28mm (or close to) size game.

Will try and get some shots of it with Deadzone / Warmachine / 40k models on it to give you some scale comparisons if you would like?
Greg Hess said…
Sure! I am always a huge fan of scale shots. It's hard to get an idea of how large things are without some sort of reference. (model, cat, hand)