Deadzone Campaign - Outbreak (Part 2)

With the Stage 0A's escaped and in hiding the mutagen now runs it's course.

They evolve from Stage 0A's to Stage 1A's.

The infected from the Stage 0A's escape turn into 2A's, and the Plague force continues to grow.

Now recovered from their transformation the Plague go out on the hunt to find and infect more.

The Planetary controllers are aware of the threat to them now, but also aware of the impact of a Containment protocol, they try to deal with outbreak themselves. Afterall, if they successfully contain it then the Council, need never know.

The Setup:


The defender sets up first, the Plague setup second and go first.
Strike Forces:
The Plague get to use all of the models they have infected thus far, including all Stage 1A's and Stage 2A's.
The Defender gets to use a 18 Strong Marine Force, led by two Enforcer's.
The Marines use the profile of a Rebel Human
Each side gets a deck of 20 cards.
Scenario Special Rules
Any models injured or Killed by Stage 1A's need to be noted down as injured by a 1A
Any models injured or Killed by Stage 2A's need to be noted down separately to the Stage 1A's
Victory Conditions
The Corporation win if they manage to kill all of the Plague, or if they manage to escape with their entire force undamaged.
The Plague win under any other scenario.
The Winner of the Scenario doesn't actually have a large bearing on the campaign, although the more models the Corporation player can get off the board unharmed and uninjured the better, as it will reduce the forces the Plague have in the following game.
Any Models injured or Killed by Stage 1A's should roll a D8, on a 7 or 8 their infection creates a new Stage 2A, the rest perish from the infection.
Any Models injured or Killed by Stage 2A's should roll a D8, on a 5 or more they turn into Stage 3A's, the rest turn into Stage 3Z's. Keep a note of how many 3Z's are created from this game.