Deadzone Campaign - Outbreak (Part 1)

Following on from my blog post about Containment Protocols and the Plague I thought it would be quite cool to write up a scenario or two to deal with the Plague Artefact beginning the Infection.

The aim of course would be to try and see if you could build up a Plague Strike force against the local PDF, prior to the Enforcers (or any faction) arriving to stop you.

The scenario can be found after the jump:

The Setup:

Available Forces:

The Plague player starts with 4 Plague Stage 0A's

A Stage 0A has the following Stat line

Overwatch: This model cannot overwatch
Really Tough, Brawler, Rampage, Infected, Agile

Claws & Teeth: Range: F, AP2, Infected

The Defender starts with:

10 Security Marines - These use the same stat line as a Rebel Human.
10 Technicians
Technicians have the following stat line:

Technicians cannot go onto Overwatch.
They are all equipped with a Range 3 Pistol

Special Rules:
Containment Breach: due to the sudden an explosive nature of the containment breach the Plague player always has first turn.
No Leader in Chaos: There are no leaders present, the Marines will not listen to Scientists, and vice versa. The plague player may activate 2 models per Round, the Corporation player may activate 5 per round.
Security Seal: with the containment breach the doors of the lab slam shut locking. A door can only now be opened when either all the Plague are dead, or by a Plague Stage 0 escaping through it by forcing the door open. Opening the door is a 3 Dice Fight Test (2).
Security Response: This game is played for 10 rounds. If at the end of the 10 rounds neither side has won, external forces activate the terminal containment protocol, incinerating all remaining models.

Victory Conditions:
The Corporation Player wins if they manage to kill all four Stage 0A's
The Plague player wins if they manage to escape with one Stage 0A.

Ability - Infected:
Keep a count of each model wounded or Killed by a Stage 0A, each of them has a chance of being infected, and turning into a Stage 2A.

For each Infected Model wounded or killed by a Stage 0A roll a D8. On a result of of a 7 or 8 their infection spreads, creating a Stage 2A.