Deadzone Campaign - Containment Protocol Initiated.

The Plague had been expanding and the planet is on the verge of a wide spread epidemic.

An Enforcer patrol has arrived with the aim of wiping out the Plague with the assistance of the local Corporation Military.

The local authorities have convinced the Enforcer force leader that they have already informed the Council, and that an immediate response is required to eradicate the threat early, they of course neglect to tell them of their earlier failures, or that if Containment Protocol had been declared earlier they would have been able to avoid this.

The local authorities plan runs deeper though as they plan to eliminate the enforcers after the fighting is finished, and cover up the outbreak at all.

Little do they know that the Plague force has grown immeasurably, and it will take a miracle to stop them now.

In a final effort to spread further the plague has targeted one of the largest population centres, and the Enforcers and local Marines have drawn a line in the zone to stop them, little do they know that 3Z's are already in amongst the population.

The Setup:

The Plague setup first, the Enforcers second and the Plague go first.

Strike Teams.
The Enforcers can pick a standard 70 point Strike team, and also gain two detachments of 10 Marines sent to assist them (the Marines share the stats of Human Rebels.

The Plague begin with all of the models they have converted thus far... their aim is to overwhelm the defenders as quickly as possible

The number of 3Z's that were created at the end of the last mission is the total number of Zombies that can be called to the battlefield by the fighting as it goes one. The Zombie Spawn zone is anywhere along the Redline side of the board, behind the Enforcers.

At the end of Each Turn the Roll for the Zombie Spawn zone to see how many of the 3Z's appear. Then roll a D8 to determine which square they appear in.

Mission Special Rules:
Uninvited Guests - See Contagion book for these rules
Artificial Stupidity - See Contagion book for these rules
Infection - Mark down all models injured / killed by Stage 1A and Stage 2A's separately for reference at the end of the game.

Victory Conditions
The Enforcers get 5 Victory Points for Each Stage 1A they Kill
They also get 3 Victory Points for Each Stage 2A they kill.
They get 1 point for each Stage 3A they kill.

The Plague gets 2 Victory point for each model killed or Injured by a Stage 2A or Stage 1A
The Plague also get a Victory point for each Stage 3A they move off the table edge behind the Corporation
The Plague get 2 Victory Points for each 2A they move off the table edge.
The Plague get 4 Victory Points for any 1A's they move off the table edge.

The first to 10 points wins.

For each model infected by a Stage 1A, roll a D8, on a 7 or 8 they turn into a Stage 2A
For each model infected by a Stage 2A, roll a D8, on a 5 or more they become a Stage 3A
The remaining Infected models from the Stage 2A become Stage 3Z. Count up the number of 3Z's that survived at the end of the previous 2 games, if there are more than 15 then each mission in the campaign should be played using the Uninvited Guests rule.

Count up how many points the Plague have left at the end of this, they now can play a Campaign with this as their Strike force.

If their Strike force amounts to over 240 points then the Campaign should be played at Code 13.

No Experience is gained by the Plague during this campaign as they are too busy trying to spread the plague to really learn anything from their actions.