Sunday League 40K

Hey Drag here.

So over the last couple of months I have been taking part in a 40K League on a Sunday. It Started off at 500 points and goes up by 250 points every month for about year I think this one is set up to be. All you need to do is bring an army in that makes up to the size and play. So you can use different codex every week if you wanted to. 

So I have been using the same core army just built up on that. My heresy themed space marine army. With the added bits from the salamanders force I have. Mainly the drop pods (I'm not repainting them).

So as you can see It was small force but it worked really well. 16 guys broken into 3 groups. Two 5 man tactical squad and one 5 man sternguard unit all in drop pods of course. 

The first tactical squad had a flamer in it, The second tactical squad had a grav gun and power weapon. And the Sternguard had 1 melta and 2 combi, a bit of over kill maybe,

As for the Libarian he just had a storm bolter on him.

As the games were still on 6th ed the Tau joined in. It was a bit of what do I use to make up the extra 250 points I did think of a storm raven but that really did feel like a over kill option if I took that in the army.

But the Tau and defense line hit the 250 mark with out an issue and have proven to be a great choice for the army. Bagging themselves a terminator squad and character kill in the first game they went into.  

So now today we are moving onto the 7th ed rules so I will be getting my first game in this edition so it should be a lot of fun. But I still don't know what to add in for my 250 points and a Storm raven is calling me so much right now. So hopefully I will be able to keep you updated on this as it goes on through out the year and you can see some of the silly option that come across my mind when I hit the next point level.