Painting Buildings.

Hey Dragkon here again.

So I thought I share some of the updated paint jobs on the terrain that is hiding at the back, just a simple but effective way of doing a stone effect building.

When I say simple I really do mean it. The first stage is to paint the building in Dawnstone, you don't really need to under coat it in anything as you are just painting it a slightly darker gray than the plastic.

The next step after that is a dry brushes across the whole thing with Ulthuan grey, to brings out almost everything it on it.

Once that was done I went along adding silver to parts of it just to give the building a bit more detail, any skull wall was painted with rakarth flesh with a Nuln oil wash applied over those parts leaving the stone effect be. 

So a couple of buildings done this way and hopefully get some more stuff done up in this style.


Anonymous said…
Nice work on these buddy, I went through a mad phase of painting all my buildings in the space of about a week using a similar technique, looks really effective and fits the whole grim dark feel in my opinion, keep up the good work :)