Hey Dragkon here.

So I finally got round to paining these guys up just took me a away. They still are not fully finished but they are getting there. Probably need detail in one of the faces then get the bases done for them.

But they were fun to paint. Even tho it took me a while to find the right colour for one of them. It was worth the wait.


Greg Hess said…
Looks great! I think this is the first time I've seen someone showcase them off that giant base of theirs.

Faces look good as well. Though I immediately thought...does everyone yell constantly in 40k?
Dragkon said…
Cheers Greg. It does seem that way at times. Especially with space marines.
Culial said…
Wow, they look amazing - great job!

I have to say though, Loken is my clear favourite, brilliant work on the colours, especially the armour.
If you were pondering sharing your recipie, I'd not talk you out of it... :-)

I'll confess, Garviel was never a blonde in my mind, though I totally get why you made that call and the end result fits just right.
Dragkon said…
cheers Culial.

I do not mind sharing. I used Sotek Green for the main colour of the body and it just had a wash of Nuln Oil over it to just darken it down. Hope that helps. :)