Deadzone: Nexus Psi - Plague Strike Force (Pre Games)

With the arrival of the Nexus Psi Campaign, my brother & I have started it off.

So far we are only two scenarios in and for my records, and for your interest I have decided to post my full Strike Force here on the Blog. 

This will include updates to the initial clearances, advances, injuries and losses. 

I hope it helps inspire you to try out campaigns of your own, for Deadzone or other games! 

Plague Strike Force:
Total; 140 Points

Initial Clearances:
Stage 1A
Stage 2A
Stage 3A HMG

The Force itself:

Stage 1A x 1
Stage 2A x 4
Stage 3A x 7
Stage 3A HMG x 3
Stage 3D x 6

While I find naming the Plague a bit more of a challenge than naming a typical human style team, I decided that going with their designations to begin with would be good, and from there as they develop, and the opposition begins to recognise them I will name them.

Stage 1A
Jack - shortened from Jackpot, the main reason that Deadzones exisit, the Stage 1A is the main mobile target when the Plague appear, taking it out is what Strike Teams are all about. Many of the factions fighting in Deadzones have adopted this phrase after the Enforcers coined.

Stage 2A
Ram - shortened from Rampage, many a time have Enforcers and other factions seen a Stage 2A tear through its own lines, turning the firefight at a critical time, allowing them to retreat, or push on for their objective. 

Stage 3A
Ghoul - their speed is terrifying to behold, allowing the plague to quickly close the gap and get in close. Nearly every race fears the constant threat of infection, and the speed at which the Ghouls can close the gap, and silence that accompanies them gives credence to this label.

Stage 3D:
Pup - coined in jest after the first encounters with them, due to the ease at which they could be dispatched, the name stuck, although now as the Plague tactics have evolved these 'Pups' bring a real threat to unwary warriors, while watching for the Ghouls, Rams & Jack's you can quickly find yourself over run by a horde of Pups.