Varcan Cluster Levels up!

4 Years ago today I took my first steps into the world of blogging.

In that time I have posted nearly 600 times, have over 160,000 pageviews and share my opinion (right or wrong) numerous times.

I have never managed to get the regular posting down, with some months I have barely looked at the blog, whereas others I have posted sometimes twice day.

Blogging can feel like a chore, it shouldnt but we are people who like to do so, like to make sure the blog doesnt become stuck in a rut.

This is part of the reason I continue posting my Monthly gaming activites. Partly it shows me what I have been doing on the blog (which helps justify the money to my wife, well, sometimes).It also means that I am always posting once a month.

I have seen (and have been one of the) bloggers posting apologies for the silence when they arent able to get blog posts up regularly. We shouldnt feel the need to do this, and indeed it is something I have stopped worrying about.

Anyone wanting to venture into the world of blogging give it a go, ask other blogs to add you to their blogrolls and people will come and find your posts.

It may take some time for you to see people viewing the site enmass, it may never happen, but if nothing else is an easy way of keeping a journal of your progress through the hobby.

Heres to another few years of blogging, and hopefully some more content that you will all enjoy reading.