June Gaming

Wowsers... had my first proper look at the blog in a while and realised that I haven't actually posted anything meaningful since May!

So not all is lost, summer time is upon us all and as ever priorities shift.

The Blog is also into its 4th year... that's a fair old amount of time to keep doing something like this, and hopefully I have entertained more people than I have annoyed.

My gaming in June consisted of 5 games of X-Wing... and that's it.

No 40k (so a serious blow to my aim of 100 games in the year me thinks!), no Drop Zone, Dreadball or Warhammer... I didn't even really lift a paint brush either.

Well things are proceeding a little better at the moment!

I have the 40K Firestorm tournament that my local club is running... this month, at the moment we are rocking in at 36 attendees! Which is pretty good. I don't get to play in the tournament, but I enjoy the admin side as well so its definitely a plus.

I also have my first Dreadball tournament on its way, with Season 2, and my own Board ordered I look forward to getting more games of this in.

All in the gaming world is looking up.... here's hoping that it continues.