May Gaming

So this last months gaming....

Much better gaming this time! Really got myself focussed back on my gaming.
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This was also helped by me picking up two new game systems! So far I have managed a few games of both Dreadball & Drop Zone Commander.

In total this month I managed 23 games of one games system or another, helped by the shorter nature of Dropzone Commander & Dreadball games.

Hopefully June can continue this trend. Reviews for Dreadball & Dropzone Commander are coming next month, I figured I should make sure I have a decent grasp of the rules before I start reviewing the game.

Chaos of the Warp 8 Singles
Grey Knights, 2000 points. List can be found here.
Game 1 vs Space Wolves & Space Marines, Loss, 4-5
Game 2 vs Orks & Imperial Guard, Win, 10-9
Game 3 vs Tyranids, Win,

Chaos of the Warp 8 Doubles
Grey Knights & Tau, 2000 points, List can be found here.
Game 1 vs Necrons & Chaos Space Marines, Win, 18-2
Game 2 vs Tyranids & Tyranids, Loss, 1-12
Game 3 vs Chaos Space Marines x 2, Win, 10-2

West Calder Gaming Day
Grey Knights & Space Wolves, 1750 Points. The list can be found here.
Game 1 vs Imperial Guard, Dawn of War, Purge the Alien, 16-11
Game 2 vs Dark Eldar, Vanguard Strike, Big Guns Never Tire, 16-3
Game 3 vs Chaos Space Marines & Chaos Daemons, Dawn of War, Emporers Will, 5-4

Friendly Gaming
1500 Points Chaos Daemons vs Tau, Loss, 1-9
1500 Points Chaos Daemons vs Dark Eldar, 1-9
1500 Points Chaos Daemons vs Tau, Loss, 0-9
1500 Points Chaos Daemons vs Space Wolves, Win, 15-0
1500 Points Chaos Daemons vs Dark Angels, Win, 12-0

40k Value
As of the end of AprilI have spent 67 pence per game of 6th Edition (£45 for the Rulebook, £8 for the cards for a total of £53).
Games this month: 14

Total Games: 93
Value for Money: 58 pence (£0.58) per game.

Corporation vs Marauders, Loss, -4
Corporation vs Marauders, Win, +1
Corporation vs Marauders, Draw
Marauders vs Corporation, Loss, -4
Corporation vs Marauders, Win, +1

Dropzone Commander
Shaltari vs Scourge - Loss
Shaltari vs Scourge - Win
Scourge vs Shaltari - Loss
Scourge vs Shaltari - Draw

New Years Resolutions Gaming
Play over 100 Games of 40k in 2013 - 43 / 100
Become a better Winner / Loser - In Progress (serious set back this month... need to work on letting people annoy me less).

Slightly less ineffective painting this month, although I did add two need games system to my back log, plus 3 Beasts of Nurgle and 15 Flesh Hounds of Khorne. Yikes!

Complete my
Imperial guard - No Work Completed
Necrons - Tomb Stalkers x 2, Legs glued onto one of them, second one now has body and some legs glued, no paint as of yet.
Grey Knights - No work Completed
Dwarves -No Work Completed
Trollbloods - No Work Completed this month
Daemons of Chaos - 10 Flesh Hounds based and undercoated red, 10 Plague Bearers painted need Horns & Bases completed, 3 Beasts of Nurgle started, 6 Nurgling bases started.
Drop Zone Commander - All Models undercoated and now in the base colours of Purple / Orange
Dreadball - Team picked & Undercoated! Team Colours decided this time! Purple & Yellow it is!

Make the time for another Throne of Skulls - In Progress aiming for October this year though.
Run / Help to Run a 40k Tournament - Completed! I was the nominated T/O for the Firestorm tournament held by my local club on the 2nd Feb!
I am actually going to be running my second tournament on the 20th July, you can see the scenarios we are planning on running.


More Consistent Blogging. - Ongoing - This is getting better towards the end of this month I am getting around 3 posts a week. Which if I could keep doing consistently would be amazing!
Complete and post a Video Battle Report - Work in Progress - Need to pick the game system I want for this. Something like Dropzone Commander / Dreadball would probably work quite well as those games can be completed in an hour and would allow people to watch the entire game. 40k, would be more a review of each turn after it happened!