March's Hobby

A bit delayed, but here is the monthly update on my games!

Chaos of the Warp Campaign Weekend. (2000 Points)

Game 1: Necrons vs Space Marines (Salamanders), The Scouring, Hammer & Anvil, 15-3, Win
Game 2: Necrons vs Space Marines (Minotaurs), The Emporers Will, Dawn of War, 6-1, Win
Game 3: Necrons vs Space Marines (Imperial Fists),  The Big Guns Never Tire, Vanguard Strike, 10-2, Win
Game 4: Necrons vs Tau, Crusade, Hammer & Anvil, 14-1, Win
Game 5: Apocalypse!

1500 Points, Imperial Guard vs Tau, Purge the Alien, Hammer & Anvil, 2-9 Loss
1500 Points, Grey Knights & Space Wolves vs Tau, Purge the Alien, Dawn of War, 10-1, Win

40k Value
As of the end of March I have spent 67 pence per game of 6th Edition (£45 for the Rulebook, £8 for the cards for a total of £53).
Games this month: 29

Total Games: 79
Value for Money: 67 pence (£0.67) per game.

Trollbloods vs Legion of Everblight, 15 Points, Loss
New Years Resolutions Gaming
Play over 100 Games of 40k in 2013 - 29 / 100
Become a better Winner / Loser - In Progress

Slightly less ineffective painting this month, at least i didnt add any new models to the fold, and the Tomb Stalker is now with paint on it, with a base built!

I do mean at some point to post pictures of a finished unit... which proves I at least intend to paint a unit this year!

Complete my
Imperial guard - No Work Completed
Necrons - Tomb Stalker, body now Glued, Base Partially painted 
Grey Knights - Dreadknight Undercoated.
Dwarves -No Work Completed this month
Trollbloods - No Work Completed this month
Daemons of Chaos - Begun - 2 Models Glued & Some paint added. Lots of models spray painted Red!

Make the time for another Throne of Skulls - In Progress
Run / Help to Run a 40k Tournament - Completed! I was the nominated T/O for the Firestorm tournament held by my local club on the 2nd Feb!

More Consistent Blogging. - Ongoing - Still needing more work here!
Complete and post a Video Battle Report - Work in Progress