Space Wolves with Space Marine Allies

Something my Brother and I have been bouncing around, a slightly different list to that which I see most of the time.
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 Primary Detachment
Rune Priest - Rulebook Powers - Warlord
Rune Priest - Jaws of the World Wolf, Murderious Hurricane
Grey Hunters x 10, Plasma Gun x 2, Drop Pod
Grey Hunters x 7, Flamer, Drop Pod
Wolf Guard x 8, Combi Flamer x 7, Terminator Armour, Cyclone Rocket Launcher, Drop Pod
Lone Wolf, Terminator Armour, Power Fist, Storm Shield
Long Fangs x 6, Rocket Launcher x 3, Lascannon x 2
Long Fangs x 6, Rocket Launcher x 5
Space Marine Allies (Salamanders)
Librarian - Rulebook Powers
Scouts x 10, Sniper Rifles x 9, Heavy Bolter w/ Hellfire Rounds
Sternguard x 10, Drop Pod, Meltagun x 2
Storm Talon, Twin Linked Assault Cannon & Lascannon
Thunderfire Cannon
Total: 1999

Below the list has a fair number of kill points available in Purge the Alien, but it also has a chunk of scoring units for the Scouring, The Big Guns Never Tire, Crusade, Emporers Will & The Relic.

The Rune Priests  I have heard several different interpretaions of psychic powers recently.

My current understanding is:

If you want to use Codex powers you stipulate what you want in the army list, and once this is down this is what you have to use.

The other view I have heard is:
You pick and list the powers you want from the codex, but at the beginning of each game you swap your codex powers for rolls in the Rulebook psychic powers if you so choose.

Your views and opinions will be appreciated on this one!

For me this list has a little bit of everything, but is primarily a shooting list, because its split across two codexes it also has a decent amount of change from one unit to another, there is no spam in here (least not in my opinion, if you think different let me know!).

If you want to sit back against this army, well you can't really with three drop pods arriving on turn 1, with options as to what you bring down, and what you hold in reserve.

It has some good anti-tank capabilities, in deep striking melta, and the Long Fang packs, even the Storm Talon can do a number of tanks.

Anti-Horde? Well with the Rockets, Thunderfire, and massed bolters it can dish out some serious hurt on Horde armies as well. The Thunderfire making things treat all ground as difficult will also help slow enemies down.

All in all I think this is a unique army design, which people wont expect, the Green & Grey should look good together, and when you decide to attach an independant character they are going to stand out from the unit they join.  

The only Possible change that I see is:
Drop one Combi Melta from the Wolf Guard & the Lone Wolf for an Aegis Defence Line with Icarus Quad Gun.

This boosts this lists anti-flyer capability, and provides some useful cover if the table is a bit sparse.

As always I look forward to your comments!