Of Daemons & Necrons

I find myself today in a bit of a Dilemma.

I have managed to avoid spending much in the way of money on my hobby for a few months now, my painting of outstanding models is moving along (finally) and I actually began to think that I may be able to get my backlog painted and sorted before I start any new armies / projects.

Then GW released new toys...

Imperial Armour 12 has Necrons in it... that pretty much grantee's me buying it as Necrons are by far my oldest 40k army now. They may have had a serious amount of time where they were packed away, but I still find myself using models from 2002 in my armies, and they make up the majority of the models for me.

The new items that were previewed at Games Day last year for the necrons all look like they will be fun to paint / model, even to a point where I think the Realm of Battle Necron tile will be interesting to do in my sand blasted paint scheme.

Now onto Daemons. From everything I have read, Daemons of Chaos & Chaos Daemons have become an army that will require some serious thought for building their lists and getting one that works well together. From what i have read (not having either codex yet) the new Army Book & Codex remind of Magic.

Let me explain, I have played Magic before, and expect that I may do so again. However in Magic the easiest deck to build is a mono deck, one colour of the 5 possible, the step up from that is a dual colour deck where you have to think a lot more about how you build your decks as to how they are going to work. Up from Dual decks you are beginning to look at what is (I believe) called a Gold deck which combines all 5 colours. The challenge of building a deck incorporating all the different colours is immense but when it works, boy does it work.

I think that Daemons could very well work like that. Mono or Dual God armies will be good, they may even be very very powerful, but for me the real challenge will be trying to build something with all four gods represented.

Having dipped in and out of Daemons for 40k, by saying dipped into them I mean to say I bought a bucket load several years ago, played about 4 games with them and then didn't use them before eventually selling them, I think this time, starting from near scratch ( I own a Nurgle & Slanesshi Daemon prince) will be interesting.

If I can figure out a way to effectively build an army that works in both Warhammer & Warhammer 40k with the same models then I would be ecstatic, although I will settle for having an army for each of the two.

The Daemons will also help me get better at dealing with the unexpected, as from the looks of these books you don't play daemons if you aren't willing to trust in the dice...