Necron's 2000 Points

Necrons at 2000 points which I am very happy with, it has a good amount of Firepower, and also falls into the AV13 flying wall.

Without further ado, here is the list:

Ana'kyr the Traveller
Harbinger of Destruction, Solar Pulse, Eldritch Lance
Triarch Stalker
Triarch Stalker
Necron Warriors x 9, Ghost Ark
Necron Warriors x 9, Ghost Ark
Necron Warriors x 5, Night Scythe
Necron Warriors x 14
Immortals x 10, Phyrrian Eternals, Tesla Carbines
Scarabs x 7
Wraiths x 3
Tomb Blades x 5
Annhilation Barge
Annhilation Barge

Total: 2000 Points

The main thing this force lacks is long range, most of its weapons cap out at 24", but for those assaulty armies you are looking at me throwing out a scary amount of firepower at 12".

The Scarabs and Wraiths can be used a bubble wrap or to tie up deep striking / fast assault units that i don't think my firepower can handle.

The Traveller is in here because he is amusing to try out against enemy vehicles. His Tachyon Arrow isn't great, but its better than nothing for taking out a must kill unit at range.

Drop Podding / Deep Striking lists are both my best and worst opponents, if they drop in and get their shots off effectively it becomes an uphill battle, however if they arrive and fluff their Melta rolls, they are in the optimum range for nearly my entire army... not a good thing for them.