My Tau so far...

Hey there Dragkon here

So alot of stuff going on about the Tau Empire over these last few weeks. Which made me drag my tau out of the dark corner they have been hiding in for the last year or so. This gave Kraggi a great idea of how many points are my Tau and then find out how many points they are in the new Codex.

So that is my tau army hitting about 4290 points this is not including the 2 forge world  characters.

so a quick break down of what is in it.

15 Battle Suits 

6 Broadsides 

5 Hammerheads 

60 Fire warriors 

20 Kroot

8 Path finders 

3 Devilfish

16 Stealth Suits 

The Fire Warriors

The Battle suits 

With all of the stuff going on I thought I would set myself a challenge and that is to have all this repainted in a new color scheme. I do like the green but I think it is time to update the colors to the new paints that are around now.

And here is a teaser of that new scheme.