Chaos of the Warp Campaign Weekend

So this weekend we have a two day tournament, forgeworld allowed, teams (Good v Bad) and 8 players.

So we get to play everyone on the opposing team once, and then have some form of special event at the end for the 5th Game.

I have to admit I look forward to this game. The tournament is at a new venue (which is less than 5 minutes walk from my home) and all in all its 5 games that should be good fun.

Initially my list was going to include a tomb stalker, but I didnt get the model even part way built enough that I was willing to us it.

My list:

Ana'kyr the Traveller
Harbinger of Destruction Eldritch Lance, Solar Pulse
Warriors x9 Ghost Ark
Warriors x9 Ghost Ark
Warriors x15 Night Scythe
Immortals x8
Triarch Stalker
Triarch Stalker
Tomb Blades x 5 Gauss Blaster
Scarabs x 7
Annhilation Barge
Annhilation Barge

Lots of AV13, and a Monolith to boot, if you dont come with lots of high strength stuff this list will give you a problem.

Perhaps not the most competitive list I could have built, but gives me a chance to see how the Monolith works at 2000 points rather than just at 1250 points.  


Lead Legion said…
Good luck and have fun. Wish I could be there, but I'm stuck down in Kent. Even I'm not mad enough to travel 500 miles for tournament. Yet.