Rapid Fire 2012

So this year back to defend my title, 1750 point tournament, with no Allies, No Fortifications, and a whole lot of pain.

It was 6 games over the course of two days, and at 3 games a day I have to say it is both Knackering and fun!!!!

The list I used is below:

2 x Ghost Knights
Inqusitor - Terminator Armour, Psycannon, Psyker
Terminators x 5, Psycannon
Strike Marines x 10, Psycannon x 2
Dreadknight, Personnal Teleporter, Heavy Incinerator
Dreadknight, Personnal Teleporter, Heavy Incinerator
Dreadknight, Personnal Teleporter, Heavy Incinerator

Total 1750

This list was built with my usual concerns, maximum firepower, maximum into your deployment zone as early as I can, maximum pain!

With Modrak, the Inqusitor, and 2 Ghost Knights turning up in turn 1 in your Deployment zone it really forces you to deal with what I am throwing your way.

The Stormraven was in because no one would have fortifications for me to take over and that is definately something I wanted to be able to do

The Terminators are in because they are much less fragile than a  10 man Strike Squad, especially with all the Helldrakes I worried I would see.

Below is a list of the games I played.

Grey Knights vs Black Templars - Win
Grey Knights vs Space Wolves - Loss
Grey Knights vs Imperial Guard - Win
Grey Knights vs Chaos Daemons - Loss
Grey Knights vs Imperial Guard - Win
Grey Knights vs Chaos Space Marines - Win

The Space Wolves in game 2 were the army of my good friend Tom, he and I always have one sided games, who wins it is up for debate, but they are always one sided lol.

In this case it was his turn to wipe me out, tabling me very effectively.

The fourth game against Chaos Daemons was pretty much the same, the flamer / horror combo along with some excellent generalship was what caused me the biggest problem and it being my first game against Daemons certainly didnt help me.

The other 4 games ended up being very one sided, while I hope they were not too painful for my opponents the list did exactly what it was supposed to do, annhilating whole sections of the enemy army in the opening turn, and from there the uphill battle to get back into the game was too much.

If I get first turn then between the Grandmaster and three Dreadknights I can normally do serious damage, if not wipe out the stuff that can kill my Dreadknights, and once they are up close and personnal they do tend to get away with serious damage.

The list itself is not a bad list, but at the end of the tournament I found that my Stormraven had in total caused 1 wound on Huron Blackheart, and other than that did very very little for me.

Not so sure I would take it again, but then again since then my army list building has changed. Just writing this up has reminded me why I like playing my Grey Knights so me thinks I need to get a few more lists written up for them!

Overall position - 4th Place.

I was very happu with 4th place overall, especially considering the two games I lost were brutal for me.

The Winner this year was Iain Skinner, the player I somehow managed to defeat last year in the final game. He would have been a worthy winner last year as we had such an awesome game (which ended up with so many of our models dead and dying at the end of it), that it really didnt feel like a tournament decider.

I look forward to going back next year!