Games in November

So November has turned into a busy month for my gaming.

As you can see I have managed eleven games of 40k and three games of Warhammer!


Warhammer 40,000

1500 Points
Necrons vs Salamanders - Win
Grey Knights & Space Wolves vs Dark Eldar - Win
Grey Knights & Space Wolves vs Imperial Guard - Win
Grey Knights & Space Wolves vs Blood Angels - Win
Grey Knights & Space Wolves vs Blood Angels - Win

Throne of Skulls November '12
Grey Knights & Space Wolf list (seen here)
Game 1, Dawn of War, Emporers Will vs Dark Angels - Win (2-0)
Game 2, Hammer & Anvil, Scouring vs Blood Angels - Win (2-0)
Game 3, Vanguard Strike, Purge the Alien vs Necrons - Win (Opponent Tabled)
Game 4, Hammer & Anvil, Big Guns Never Tire vs Space Marines (Raven Guard) - Win (10-0)
Game 5, Dawn of War, The Relic vs Space Marines (Ultramarines) - Win (Opponent Tabled)

1850 Points
Grey Knights & Space Wolves vs Eldar - Win (4-1 VP), Emporers Will, Vanguard Strike.


Dwarves vs Ogre Kingdoms - Win
Dwarves vs Ogre Kingdoms - Draw
Dwarves vs Skaven - Loss

Warhammer 40k Value for money.
As of the end of November I have spent £1.17 per game of 6th Edition (£45 for the Rulebook, £8 for the cards for a total of £53).

Games this month: 11
Total Games: 45
Value for Money: £1.17 per game.