Games in December

This month has been a quieter month for my gaming, although hitting 5 games in a month isn't a bad thing I think, especially one of the more busy months for people!
Next month I am planning on trying to get more games in with my Necrons and Imperial Guard... mainly because of the stats you will see tomorrow for my last years gaming.

Lets just say I may have overplayed my Grey Knights by comparison!

Chaos of the Warp 6 (1850 Points)

Grey Knights & Space Wolves vs Dark Eldar - Big Guns Never Tire, Dawn of War - Win (15-1)
Grey Knights & Space Wolves vs Space Wolves & Imperial Guard, Crusade, Vanguard Strike - Loss (1-5)
Grey Knights & Space Wolves vs Imperial Guard & Space Wolves, Purge the Alien, Hammer & Anvil - Win (8-1)

Friendlies - 1850

Necrons vs Space Marine & Grey Knights - Win
Necrons vs Eldar - Win

Warhammer 40k Value for money.
As of the end of December I have spent £1.06 per game of 6th Edition (£45 for the Rulebook, £8 for the cards for a total of £53).

Games this month: 5
Total Games: 50
Value for Money: £1.06 per game.

Also Happy New Year to all my Readers!


RTGamer said…
Now that is a great way of looking at it. I may look at this in this way too.

So far it would be $35.00 a game in december though (Damn buying a new army!)