My Hobby in July

So this month has been the first full month of 6th Edition being out. I managed 12 games of 6th Edition, bringing my total so far to 13, which isnt too bad at all.

Overall this month I played 20 games of 40k, which I feel is pretty good for a month for me. Ok so maybe 20 games in a month is amazing for me rather than good...
Warhammer 40k 5th Ed

Chaos of the Warp 4 (1500 Points)
Necrons vs Orks - Loss, Seize Ground, Spearhead, 0-2
Necrons vs Tyranids - Loss, Annihilation, Dawn of War, 5-6
Necrons vs Imperial Guard - Win, Capture & Control, Pitched Battle, 1-0

Deathworld (varying points)
1750 Points Grey Knights vs Tau - Win
1500 Points Grey Knights vs Imperial Guard - Loss
1250 Points Grey Knights vs Orks - Win
1000 Points Grey Knights vs Orks - Win
2000 Points Grey Knights vs Blood Angels - Win

Warhammer 40k 6th Ed

Necrons vs Space Marines - Win, Crusader, Dawn of War, 8-0 VP.
Necrons vs Dark Eldar - Loss, , The Big Guns Never Tire, 6-0 VP
Necrons vs Dark Eldar - Draw, Crusade, Dawn of War, 3-3 VP
Necrons vs Grey Knights - Win, The Big Guns Never Tire, Dawn of War, 6-0 VP
Imperial Guard vs Tyranids - Win, The Relic, Dawn of War, 5-1 VP

Imperial Guard vs Tau - Win, Purge the Alien, Hammer & Anvil, 7-4 VP
Imperial Guard vs Space Wolves - Win, The Scouring, Dawn of War, 5-2 VP
Imperial Guard vs Space Marines - Win, The Scouring, , 6-3 VP
Grey Knights vs Blood Angels - Win, Purge the Alien, Dawn of War, 6-2 VP
Grey Knights vs Salamanders & Blood Angels - Loss, The Relic, Hammer & Anvil, 2-4 VP
Necrons vs Space Wolves - Win, The Relic, Dawn of War, 5-1 VP

Grey Knights vs Dark Eldar, Win, The Relic, Hammer & Anvil, 6-0

6th Edition Rulebook Value

This is more of an amusement than anything else. I have seen a fair number of people complaining about the cost of the 6th Ed rulebook. For me I paid £45+£8 for the Psychic Cards.

So in total thats £53 spent on the new edition. With a total of 13 games played (one from last month).

As of the end of July I have spent £4.08  per game of 6th Edition.

I will try and keep this updated as I go so you can see the actual value for money for my 6th Ed rulebook.


Anonymous said…
not sure if it's just a coincidence or not, but it seems the 5th edition games where very close in final score,while 6th edition results seem swing wildly both ways.
Kraggi said…
Yeah in my experience 6th Edition actually seems less likely to have draws and the games have all been one sided when it comes right down to the VP counts.

Although on the flip side of that I tend to use armies that are a bit of a glass cannon so they either do really well or really badly.