A Tale of three lists.

So with the Throne of Skulls date moving ever closer I am still looking at ways of being able to build an effective list.

I love my Grey Knights, mostly for the Dreadknights, but I reckon that the short comings of a Grey Knight list, particularly my lists is in their Anti-Tank.

So how do I combat this? Well I could drop the Dreadknights for Psyriflemen Dreadnoughts, but that’s already been done to death from what the Interwebz tells me.

So this time I am going to combine my two favourite armies and throw down an allied 1500 point list!

So first things first. The Main Detachment.

Now in this case I am going to go with a main Detachment of Grey Knights as it allows me to add in my Two Dreadknights.

Inquisitor: Terminator Armour, Psycannon, Psyker

Strike Marines x 5: Psycannon

Terminators x 5: Psycannon

Dreadknight: Personal Teleporter, Heavy Incinerator

Dreadknight: Personal Teleporter, Heavy Incinerator

This comes to a nice total of 915 points.

Now onto my Allied Detachments, I have two options for these (so far) and I think both are kinda cool and exciting.

Allied Detachment 1:

Overlord: Mindshackle Scarabs, Warscythe

Immortals x 7: Night Scythe, Gauss Blasters

Immortals x 10: Tesla Carbines

Scarabs x 5

So this Detachment gives me an Overlord for those Challenges, and MC’s that can be annoying, basically as cheap as I am willing to go on an Overlord.

The Two Immortal Units give me options in Anti-Infantry from the Tesla unit, and Rapid Firing Gauss from the unit in the Night Scythe.

As long as there isn’t an interceptor gun on the table, then my Night Scythe has a decent chance of arriving to do what I need it to, which is basically deploy my troops 24” in on the table top, which should give me some really good chances to cripple enemy vehicles.

The Scarabs are there as a small unit that you cannot ignore, 5 of them now are always hitting vehicles on 3’s so for the most part are just going to rip them to shreds, their threat range is impressive as well which just makes them even better.

Obviously the addition of two Scoring units cannot be overlooked either.

Allied Detachment 2:

Overlord: Mindshackle Scarabs, Warscythe

Warriors x 9, Night Scythe

Immortals x 9, Night Scythe

This force is the winged reinforcements for my guys. Both units tooled up with Gauss and can start on the board if I am going to need the firepower from turn 1.

If not and I can wait to turn 2 then I get both units in Rapid Fire range of something and the Gauss can come into its own!

Allied Detachment 3:

Overlord: Minshackle Scarabs, Warscythe

Warriors x 5, Night Scythe

Immortals x 9

Triarch Stalker

This Detachment is more about what Necron units excel at, a bit more synergy. The Stalker gives some very interesting options with Twin Linked Rapid Fire Gauss weapons although as the only thing of mine that has an armour value to start on the board I expect it to die pretty quickly.

So overall what do you think? A winning combination, or doomed to failure. I obviously need to get some worthwhile fluff written up for them so you can look forward to that coming out as well!


Sam said…
Nice work! :)
How'd you scale a similar list to 1750 pts?
Kraggi said…
Hmmm, I didnt think too much about this list at 1750 as I ended up taking Grey Knights & Space Wolves to the tournament. I ended up (somehow) winning best Grey Knight for the event.

I will try and post something up on the blog about this type of list to 1750.
Sam said…
I saw that list, very strong in my opinion. Excellent for an hard, first strike on enemy lines.
Thanks for your kindness.
I'll wait for your ideas ^^