My Hobby in June

So this month heralded the beginning of a new edition (just) and I just managed to get my First game in 6th Edition.

I also managed to get 5 warm up games for my 1500 point 5th Edition Tournament that is today... wish me luck!

Warhammer 40k (5th Ed)
1500 Points
Necrons vs Dark Eldar - Loss (9v7 Kill Points)
Necrons vs Salamanders - Win (6-5 Kill Points)
Necrons vs Salamanders - Loss (0-1 Objectives)
Necrons vs Dark Eldar - Win (1-0 Objectives)
Necrons vs Salamanders - Draw (1-1 Objectives)

500 Points
Necrons vs Space Marines - Draw

2400 Points
Dwarves vs High Elves - Win
Dwarves vs Warriors of Chaos - Win
Dwarves vs Skaven - Loss

Warhammer (6th Ed)
Necrons vs Salamanders, 1500 Points - Win 7 v 5 VP

Blood Bowl
Dwarves vs Humans - Draw