Imperial Guard Forces Reporting In

So I tidied my hobby space finally, and managed to get me shelves sorted and models out on display.

Not all painted mind, and some have a chunk of work needed on them, but given that I want to be buying less and painting more, maybe having them on display will help with that....


Spifferson said…
Thats a good idea. I have an partially painted eldar army that has been sitting at 50-75% complete. Having it tucked away in its case has kept it from the top of the priority list. Might be time to get a display case of some sort for them.
Kraggi said…
Dragging them all out has already got them a game this week, and probably another few in the next week or two.

They havent really had a lot of game time in the last 12 months since the Grey Knight then Necron codexes came out, but in 6th I intend to try and keep a balanced approach to my games.

And to actually get a 1750 point list fully painted for me to take to a tournament!