Dual Army. Salamanders and Blood Angels.

Hey Folks! Dragkon here.

 I recently had a game against my bro Kraggi and he asked me to post the army the list that I used against him. He helped me to make this army list. So here it is.


Vulkan 190


Dreadnaught 140 (drop pod)

Ironclad 170 (drop pod)


Tactical Squad 210 (drop pod, multi-melta, melta gun)

Tactical Squad 205 (drop pod, multi-melta, flamer)

Fast Attack

Storm Talon 150 (lascannon)



Librarian 145 (Terminator Armour and Storm Shield)


Assault Terminators 225 (storm shield)


Assault Marines (5 men) 115 (flamer, hand flamer, drop pod)


Storm Raven 200


Mercer said…
Why you taking Hammernators as allies, when S.M codex can get Hammernators for 25 points cheaper?
Dragkon said…
Hi Mercer. I am aware that they are cheaper in the S.M. but having them in the B.A. helps create a powerful unit. My normal use for them is having them with the librarian and the storm raven. If i had them as S.M. they would not be able to use the storm raven and that would muck the way they are used.
As Battle Brothers they can use each others transports as long as they are not a dedicated transport to one particular unit, and they can gain from each others psychic powers and so on from their allies. Or have I read the rules for Battle Brothers wrongly?

Are those multi-meltas the best option in the new rules? I feel that the missile launcher may be a better option for one of them, to gain move and fire and snapshot reactions. Just a thought.
Dragkon said…
Hi nick the third bullet point in the battle brothers part say that you cannot share transports. The reason for the multi melta is because of vulkan and the twin linked weapons.
Kraggi said…
I think that the BA terminators work pretty well in the Stormraven.

As for Multi-Melta vs Missile Launchers, with Vulkan the Multi-Melta is twice as effective at Snap shots as the Multi-Melta.

Being mounted in a drop pod means that they shouldnt realistically have a problem with being in range of something, and if the Multi-Melta is in range and it isnt a tank then the rest of the unit is much more useful as well.

I like this list as it uses some decent parts from two Codices without the standard cheese you may see (i.e I am taking X Codex with Y Codex to counter my problems).
ManC said…
Cab you carry terminators in a stormraven?
Anonymous said…
Would you be allowed to have that many units in drop pods now? I'm just thinking about the 50% of army in reserve maximum that now applies.

- Charles
Anonymous said…
U can have that many pods. The 50% reserve rule only applies to units thst DON'T have to start in reserve whereas pods n fliers MUST start in reserve.
I really like this army - fluff and aesthetic wise it has a lot of what gives Marines that 'shock and awe' feel.

And I could very much end up copying much of it! The Salamanders core of it is exactly the core of my Sallies army, and I have a small side project which involved a BA Terminator-focused army centred on a Librarian and Stormraven.

The only negative I feel is perhaps the 5 man assault unit in a pod - I know you need a BA troops choice and for effectiveness, a 5th pod, but I think they're just gonna get minced, no?
Dragkon said…
Hi car
With the 5 man assault squad I can see where you are coming from with it but it doesn't have to start in the drop pod. So I could use it to hold one object while the rest of the army pounds away at the opponent.
Kraggi said…
@ManC - Yup, Terminators can be carried in a Stormraven. It has a capacity of 12, and Terminators take 2 slots per.

@Car - I think that the 5 man assault squad can quite easily get minced, but it is running two flamers and with the 6" deploy from Drop Pods now a days that means you should be able to arrive and hurt something, they are as much a distraction unit or a something small to hold an objective.