Deathworld 2012 (Part I)

With Sixth is around, I am still firmly stuck in 5th Ed tournaments.

My next tournament is tomorrow, and is over two days with 5 games.

The first game is 1750, the second 1500, then down to 1250, followed by the fourth at 1000 points. The fifth game is back up to 2000 points.

The limitations... well your 1500 point list must use 1500 points from your 1750 list, your 1250, must use only models from your 1500 list and so on.

The only exception to this is the 2000 point game where the the army list gets to change completely.

Across all 5 games you must select a HQ choice to be your Warlord. Your Warlord is not allowed to change from game to game in anyway. So he must have the same equipment and build for each game.
Characters are allowed, and 40k Approved Forgeworld models are allowed at 1 per army.

Sounds different doesnt it!

This tournament appeals to me, and the dropping points value represents your diminishd force after each round of combat.

The missions are also different, with Primary Objectives (worth 8 VP's) and Secondary Objectives (worth 4 VP's). The secondary objectives are missions from the 5th Ed rule book.

The Primary Objectives are basically missions from previous editions of 40k, like Cleanse.

All in all should be an interesting game me thinks, and I plan to try and add Battle Reports to my Blog tomorrow as the games progress... we will see how well that goes!


I like the sound of that, interesting take on the more usual tourney set ups. Looking forward to hearing how you get on. Good luck!
Kraggi said…
Thank you very much Carcharodon, planning on posting the lists I use as the games start tomorrow, with luck maybe even some in game pictures.