Chaos of the Warp 4

This weekend, I had my second to last 5th Edition tournament. Three games at Chaos of the Warp, and it was highly competitive.

The total for the games is 1500 points, and its all standard missions etc.

I finally decided on a list (well the decision was made a while a go) and I figured I would post it up to show what I am using.

The picture above is missing the Triarch Stalkers.

Necron Overlord, Warscythe, Mindshackle Scarabs, Tachyon Arrow, Phaeron

Royal Court
Harbinger of Eternity - Aeonstave, Chronotem
Harbinger of Destruction - Eldritch Lance, Solar Pulse
Harbinger of Destruction - Eldritch Lance

Necron Warriors x 9

Necron Warriors x 9

Immortals x 9

Triarch Stalker

Triarch Stalker

Canotypek Scarabs x 5

Canotypek Wraiths x 4, Whip Coils x 2

Tomb Blades x 5, Gauss Blasters

Annhilation Barge

Annhilation Barge

This list feels like a large army when I put it on the table pre deployment, but in a couple of my test games it has felt like it struggles to deliver that killing blow to enemy armies.

I am hoping to face some armies other than Salamanders & Dark Eldar to see how it does, but with 6th Ed right round the corner I dont think the practice will make a huge amount of difference.

I know I continually get feedback on only using 5 Scarabs, and I freely admit that they can be destroyed if you focus your fire on them, but given that they are hiding behind my models most of the time, if you choose to ignore my 75 point unit I am happy, and if you decide instead to focus some fire on them, then again I am fire, as there are not too many units at 75 points which can wipe these guys out in one turn, not without some luck. And while 5 of them may not be as scary as 10, they are still more than capable of tanking a Landraider that hasnt moved at crusing speed.... tanks beware....

Other than that I am hoping there are not too many other things in the list that people can up with good reasons not to take... if there are then I could have a problem!

So far it has lost 2 and won 2 of the four games I have managed.

So on reflection after the tournament the list needs some work for Horde armies... I got beaten by Nids and Orks in Games 2 & 1 respectively, but beat the Imperial Guard in my final game.

Overall 14th out of 26 not too bad for two losses, as both the first two games were close and I managed to pull out only a minor loss on VP's on both compared to what should have happened!


Vladdd309 said…
Great looking army. It sounds like you had the right attitude going into the tournament, hope you enjoyed yourself.

You could always tell people you bought the Forge World Scarabs and that you could only afford five bases of them!
Kraggi said…

I have around 10 bases of Scarabs. Only 8 of them painted, but for 75 points 5 normally dont do me too badly.