6th Ed Problem...

Hello all,

Time for a quick rules quiz. Now I believe I know the answer, but if I turn out to be wrong then thats cool too cause at least then I learn as well as helping other people learn too.

So what is the problem with the list I posted back here.

Basically prior to 6th Edition coming out I wrote this list:

Necron Overlord - Mindshackle Scarabs, WarscytheRoyal Court -
Harbinger of Destruction - Eldritch Lance & Solar Pulse

Immortals x 8, Gauss Blaster, Night Scythe
Immortals x 8, Gauss Blaster, Night Scythe
Warriors x 5, Night Scythe
Warriors x 5, Night Scythe
Doom Scythe
Doom Scythe
Doom Scythe

So assuming you do the expected, whack the Royal court in with the Immortals, and the Overlord in with the other set of Immortals, all units stay inside their transports, can anyone tell me what will happen in the game I play?

Where does this army go wrong?


Dezartfox said…
You auto lose turn 1 due to not having anything on the board.

I have this is one of those rules that will catch many players who don't surf the web by surprise. Anyway this is how the game will play out:

Your opponent deploys his army, you announce that you are keeping all of your models in reserve.

Your opponent then makes his first turn, before or after you make your first turn, in which you do nothing other than stand there and look pretty. After both of you have taken your first turns you then shake hands and report to your TO that you have lost the game. Pg. 122, section 3, paragraph 2, sentence 2: "Likewise, if at the end of any game turn, one player has no models on the battlefield, his opponent automatically wins"

If you wanto to get technical your opponent would also score the Slay the warlord and first blood secondaries, as well as 13vps on the purge the alien mission or 3 vps + any objective vps on big guns never tire. Otherwise they would just score however many vps they would achieve for whichever objectives they are controlling.

At first I thought this rule was completely ridiculous and we talked about abolishing it for our local playgroup/ tournament scene... But then we realized that it actually goes a long way towards balancing flier heavy lists and helps prevent people from making some absolutely broken builds.
Lead Legion said…
I agree. My initial reaction to this rule was somewhat negative. But after a little though, I realized it was actually a good thing. There are some very broken lists out there.
The Euphemism said…
It solves the problem of what to do when you forget your figures.

More seriously I think this is a good rule. It does stop those insane list and puts some pressure on selecting a tiny deployment to max on flier reserves (in case your 1 unit or whatnot gets killed turn 1)
Kraggi said…
Awesome, glad to know that I wasn't imagining how to read that rule, and that other people agree with me on it!

Overall I like the fact you can't reserve your entire army as those tactics were more about Turn denial to your opponent than anything else.