Triarch Tomb Stalker vs Dreadnought


So the title makes this sound more interesting than it actually is... but here is a comparison for the Triach Stalker vs Dreadnought for a size comparison!


Mercer said…
lol, I told someone that it would be bigger than a Dreadnought!
Anonymous said…
damn... that is almost twice the size of a Dread, and twice the points cost wit honly halve the firepower... although the firepower is a bit more devastating

on saturday my stalker that I was proxying wrecked a landraider with 1 shot... glanced it with a 6 and then rolled another 6 :)
Kraggi said…

I would love to know where you are getting Dreads for 75 points lol!

I used just the basic out of the box Triarch, the other options don't interest me well maybe the extra range of the Heavy Gauss.

With this guy shooting at terminators first, then my Tesla Immortals shooting I scored 18 wounds from 10 shots!