New Face at the Cluster... An Introduction

Hello folks,

RTGamer here. I am a new poster on the Varcan Cluster. You can see my own blog here: Linky.

I have played Warhammer Fantasy for almost 14 years and I love the background and the miniatures. I also paint miniatures on the side and I am currently starting a Gaming Club here in Durango Colorado where I moved to from Scotland almost 2 years ago.

When Kraggi asked me to post up here on the Cluster I was not sure what I could add to the excellent work by him and his brother. I have been a stout believer that Warhammer 40K is that "round based nonsense" game that I have no interest in. And this is still pretty much the case. However when you are trying to promote a hobby as a whole to a bunch of potential new friends and club mates you have to make concessions.

And that brings us to what my series of articles will be here. I will blog my journey into the world of Warhammer 40K. I will be looking in to which army I am considering and why, A look at colour schemes and then how someone who has never really played Warhammer 40k sees it from the outside.

I will not go into too much tactics etc as we all know the edition is about to change and no need to throw stuff on the blog that will be invalidated soon.

So Over the next couple of months the articles will mainly follow the rule of cool and it will be a tale of 1 gamer article. Which might be good or it might be totally rubbish. Either way if you have feedback on what I write leave comments below or send me an email at admin<at> and I will be happy to respond.

I leave you with some pics of my fantasy work:

Thanks for reading and see you next week.


Kelly said…
If you ever get the chance to make the trip, head down to Albuquerque for a couple games, we have a great community down here. One of the local clubs can be found at: