Necrons – 2000 Points

So with the tournaments I have been in recently creeping towards 2000 points I figured its time to have a look at a decent 2000 point Necron army.

Below is what I have come up with.

Necron Overlord, Warscythe, Mindshackle Scarabs, Sempiternal Weave, Catacomb Command Barge w/Tesla

Necron Destroyer Lord, Sempiternal Weave, Mindshackle Scarabs

Royal Court
Harbinger of Destruction w/ Solar Pulse
Harbinger of Despair w/ Despair Aura
Necron Lord w/ Resurrection Orb
Necron Lord w/ Resurrection Orb


Necron Warriors x 12
Necron Warriors x 9 – Ghost Ark
Necron Warriors x 9 – Ghost Ark
Necron Immortals x 10 – Tesla Carbines

Fast Attack:
Wraiths x 3 – 1 Lash Coil
Scarabs x 5
Destroyers x 5 – 2 w/ Heavy Gauss Cannon

Heavy Support
Annihilation Barge
Annihilation Barge

Total: 2000

So this list actually puts a fair number of models on the table top, something my Brother pointed out to me when I had them all setup.

I do have some plans to change it up. Some of them are simple swaps, like swapping out a Necron Lord & Resurrection Orb for another Wraith, and with the free 30 points maybe a Tachyon Arrow, Res Orb on the Overlord or Destroyer Lord, or another 2 Scarab bases.

Some of them not so simple, like dropping the Destroyers for a full unit of Tomb Blades, which will then leave me enough for another Annihilation barge.

Any hints or tips as usual, I look forward to hearing from you!


The said…
I'm not a fan of Command Barges, they bring little firepower compared to just adding another AB in Heavy. I'd honestly just keep the Overlords cheap and simple; warscythe, shifter and rez orb is all you really need.

Destroyer Lord is eh, this is 2k, you can afford another Court. Drop him for Zandrekh. He costs about the same as a generic Overlord anyway.

Your Court is a mess. Crytek Lance is really what you want, its fun but ineffectual to attach Lords all over the place and pretend like Necrons can fight in anything but the Shooting phase. You also need two lance Courts, this is 2k, expect serious armour spam and MC's/heavy infantry squads like Stormhammers or Nob Bikers. Solar Pulse is the right way to go, I'd take two in each Court if points allow.

Troops is not worth investing in, outside of the two mandatory Ghost Arks. I'd even MSU the Warriors, you save a lot of points just taking the 5 and hiding them on objectives. They die the same anyway once the Ark gets opened up.

Fast Attack is where you should do some serious spending. Wraiths only get better the more you take. I'd give them all lash coils, its a very worthwhile upgrade and they are still only in the Stormhammer/Nob Biker/Tyranid Warrior price range, which is fine.
Scarabs don't work without Spyders, so I'd consider dropping them for another Wraith unit. Ditto on the Destroyers, they put out too little firepower in the age of 4+ cover on everything. Wraiths will tear through most things in the game, or at least tarpit; Destroyers don't shoot efficiently and die in close-combat.

AB's are standard, as I said if you drop out the Command Barge you can cram in another here. Boring, but eh, Necrons don't have good internal balance.

Here is what you could field, as an alternative, at 2k;


(185 points)
5 x Crypteks w/lances
(175 points)

Overlord w/warscythe, phase shifter, mindshackle scarabs
(160 points)
5 x Crypteks w/lances
(175 points)


(2) 5 x Warriors, Ghost Ark
(180 points each)

Fast Attack:

(3) 5 x Wraiths w/whip coils
(225 points each)

Heavy Support:

(3) Annhilation Barge
(90 points each)
Mercer said…
CCBs are awesome and shouldn't be compared to Annihilation Barges. Both have a different role, CCB doesn't do shooting.

Other than that I would go off the suggestions already given. Stick troops in the Ghost Arks, bump up the Wraiths and ditch the Scarabs are 5 won't do a fat lot.
Kraggi said…
Thanks for the information guys, posting a 1500 list for my Crons later this week, pretty sure you wont like it but it seemed to work in my first tester game.

The issue I have with the list you posted The is that its spamming, I find that boring and would rather try and fit a few different units in it, as for the MSU warriors I just can't bring myself to do it. I like me warriors too much.

More practice needed to bring up my knowledge of the new Cron's but I think you can build some interesting and competitive builds.