Necron Reinforcements Wave 1

So here are some of my recent purchases for my Necrons...

The wraiths below were a lot of fun to put together, I went for 2 with Whip Coils, and 1 without.

The Triarch Stalker was also interesting to put together, and is huge compared to what I thought it would be... can't wait to get this one finished and then move onto the second.

Tomb blades, here are only 3 of the 6 I have, no weapons as of yet, but I like how you can get away with customising how these guys look so each model in the squadron is different.  


Mercer said…
Hmmm, I amn still undecided about those Wraiths. Some areas look great others not so hard. Btw looks like you need to file some of the body down as still got part of the sprue on there ;) .

How big is the Triarch Stalker compared to a Dreadnought?

The Tomb Blades don't look too bad, though that helmet thing looks gay.

Nice work on constructing them, dude :)
Kraggi said…
Hmmm thanks for the hint, will check the models to get some filing on them.

Will get a picture up this week of a Triarch next to a dread... but I tell ya now the Triarch is bigger lol.
Lead Legion said…
MUCH bigger :D
Kraggi said…
Just for you Mercer, the post will be up tomorrow :-D