My Hobby in April

I swear I had one, not that you can tell from the blog!

Near silence on the blog front and only two games played meant a very quiet month for me.

I have a tournament this coming weekend, doubles, 1000 points each with my Brothers Blood Angels as my Grey Knight’s Allies.

We were going to do Blood Angels Necrons, but I wasn’t able to come up with a list I liked so tweaked it around. I also ran out of time to right the list so I just threw my Grey Knight one in instead.

My games last month:

Necrons vs Space Wolves – Draw
Necrons vs Space Wolves – Loss

So more practice and more things learnt from the Necron Codex. I remember how much I hate and detest AV14 vehicles under my control as I lost the Necron Monolith early in the first game, and put it in the wrong place in the second game. Turns out I can’t use it effectively against 8 Lascannons and 2 Drop Podding meltaguns.

I guess practice makes perfect though so more games are in the making.

From a tournament perspective I am now looking at retiring my Grey Knights from any tournament they have already won, and taking my Necrons instead, admittedly its only 1 tournament this year (Rapid Fire) as Counter Attack I finished second in and want another swing at it this time round.

I aim to get back in the posting swing this month, so I apologise once again to all the people who have looked for updates, and havent had them, but I will do my best for the rest of May!

Have fun, and see ya soon!