I have been slacking on the hobby front, this includes gaming, painting and blogging! 

Can't promise a return (well not an instant one) to 30+ posts a month, but I am going to aim to try and get myself back to 2 a week. 

As always (and its always this sort of time of year) I burnt out on me blogging and decided to just give it a rest for a bit.

Fingers crossed you will see more content in the next week, as I begin writing my articles again!

Been planning expansions to my Necron army, have recently competed in a doubles tournament and have a Warhammer tournament next month so thinks are getting more busy on the hobby front.

Must not forget the elephant in the room.... the ever looming shadow of 6th Edition and all the fun that will bring.

Hope I haven't lost too many of my readers, and for those of you who stick with me, its appreciated and I will pull out some content for you all soon.