The Year in Games

So 2011 has now come to an end and here is a quick breakdown of the games I played, and achievements I had during the year.

So first things first, here is a list of all the games I managed during the year, not as many as I would have liked, but it gives me something to aim for next year.

Card Games
Won 10
Lost 12
Draw: 1

World of Warcraft
Played: 86
Won: 44
Lost: 42

Played: 9
Won: 4
Draw: 2
Lost: 4

Grey Knights:
Played: 42 
Win: 30
Lost: 10
Draw: 2

Imperial Guard:
Played: 17
Win: 8
Draw: 4
Lost: 5

Win: 2
Loss: 2

Win: 1

Dystopian Wars
Played: 4
Won: 2
Draw: 2
Well the tournament scence was a lot of fun this year.

I entered four doubles tournaments, winning three of them and finishing 21st out of 130 at the main one down in Lenton GW HQ.

I also played in another four single player tournaments with my Grey Knights, a 1000 point tournament and three 1750 tournaments.

I won three of them and finished 2nd in another.

Finally I entered a Warhammer tournament, 2400 points and had to basically re-learn the game in the month from when I said I would enter to the actual tournament date (including painting a load of Dwarves for it). This time I managed to finish 11th!

Overall an excellent start to my competitive playing!

Well here is more evidence I think about this too much I guess but ah well.

In total I played: 77 Wargames.

I won 47 of them, drew 10 and lost 21 giving me the following win rate!


Cant complain about it, and to be honest some of the best games have been my losses ( I am looking at the 2nd game in our Doubles Tournament in Feb where we went from 2 kill points up to 2 kill points down in the final turn!).

Hope you all had as much fun and enjoyment from your hobby this year!