The Showcase Tag

Having checked back through my Blog I found that I have never actually explained to you guys why there has been a sudden surge in the number of posts with pictures!

This is due to three reasons.

Firstly my Brother has lots of nicely painted models, that we feel should be shared, some of them are from when he first started painting, some of them are from recent times, all of them show you can get a good finish and look to your army.

While I think my Brother is an amazing painter, he would disagree and keeps telling me that he does some of the simplest things to get the results he does, so feel free to post a comment on any of the Showcase pictures asking how he did what he did. I am sure he will be more than happy to tell you.

Secondly I have been advised numerous times that a blog needs pictures, more than I sometimes post (hence this wall of text!), and this year I decided to aim for a decent number of pictures for you.

Thirdly there will be models posted painted by myself, some of these may look very good, some may look very bad. Overall I dont think my skills as a painter are amazing and I paint to what I have dubbed the 'Army Standard'. Translated this means I think my armies look good on the table, they look like an army and should at least be passably nice if you decide to take photos of them.

Hope this makes sense, and I hope you continue to enjoy the Showcase posts as they come up.


Dragkon said…
Just add a quick bit to this he is doing the showcase stuff for some of the things I have done but I will be doing some post on here along the way.