Prussian Battleship

Pictures of my Prussian Battleship!

This baby is one of the nicest models. it really harks back to WW2 images of the battleships of the time.
It has an interchangable second turret so it can use all of the Generators, or just go for the 3 turret configuration.

The trade off is a third of its firepower for shields (to me) so the option to swap it around is quite nice.


RTGamer said…
Nice Work there Kraggi, Spartan seem to be knocking out some really nice models of late.
lovely stuff mate, keep up the love for DW! Especially with the updated book coming soon!
Kraggi said…
Thanks you two.

Still havent found a model I dont want lol.

Just managed to order all 5 armoured battlegroups which basically means the new updated book is on order! Can't wait to get it or them, should have some unboxing pictures in the next week or two.
Anonymous said…
Looks good!
I'm happy to see on your blog articles on DW, as I'm wondering how does it play and how it looks.
Could you take some shot of DW models with other models from GW? I don't realize their scale...
Kraggi said…
I will get some pictures up in a post next week with models next to each other so you can get an idea for the scale of them.