Planetary Empires Campaign Part 2

So day 2 of the 8 days of Planetary Empires... hope you arent bored yet as this is a relatively comprehensive set of rules for a campaign.

Yes I did base sections of this on the rules that came out of Blood in the Badlands, but I assure you they are all for 40K now!

Campaign Turns.

Turn Order:

At the beginning of each Campaign Turn you need to resolve the following actions. 
  1. Random Events
  2. Move Armies
  3. Declare War
  4. Fight Battles
  5. Resolve Victories and Defeats
  6. Resolve expeditions
  7. End of Turn.
Here is a Break down of the Actual Steps
  1. Random Events - Roll a D66 on the Random Events table for each player and make a note of each players result.
  2. Move Armies - The borders of empires are expanded as armies advance across the land. An army can be used to claim unclaimed tiles, fortify lands by building Power Stations, Command Bastions, Shield Generators & Manufactorums, fending off enemies or invading enemies. At the start of each turn, starting with the player with the smallest empire (or in season one via the order in which people placed their Empires down) they get to nominate an army and move it. This then alternates from one player to another until all the armies that players want to move have been moved. At all times at least one army must be kept within a players empire to defend the land, any other armies may roam freely.
    • If your army is in Enemy or Neutral Tiles then it moves D3 Tiles a turn
    • If it is in your Territory it can move upto D6+1 tiles a Turn
    • If it is on a Spaceport then it can move anywhere on the Map that is not an Enemy controller Spaceport / Hive City. If you choose to move them to an enemy tile they are performing a Planetstrike Attack against that Tile (for Clarification on this check the Spaceport section & Declare War section of this Rules pack).
  1. Declare War - Starting with the player with the smallest empire each player can challenge another player to battle. Attempting to capture their land, or drive off their invading armies. Players may issue 1 Challenge a turn. You also may not issue a challenge to a player that has already been challenged (unless you fancy playing a three way battle).If you have been challenged you may not issue a challenge of your own. Challenges are issued under the following conditions.
    • If an Army you control has moved from a Spaceport tile to another a enemy controlled tile then they initiate a Planetstrike Mission against that Tile.
    • If you have an army occupying the same tile as another players army (unless you have an alliance).
    • If another player *non allied* has an army in your empire you must issue a challenge to them.
    • Otherwise if you have any army in another (non allied) players empire you must issue a challenge to them.
    • After all Players have fought 1 Challenge they may fight an additional Challenge with another of their armies, assuming they can find an Opponent willing to play another game this turn. If you cannot find an opponent who accepts your challenge they do not automatically forfeit!
    • A Hive City is a Fortress, and by Capturing an Enemies City you will be effectively removing them from the game. In order to Attack a Hive City you will need to meet the following Requirements
      • Control Tiles Adjacent to the Hive City itself
      • Be in Control of Tiles on Opposite sides of the Hive City.
      • Fight and win the Capture Hive City Mission (see Part 8 for Details)

  1. Fight Battles - When fighting a battle you need to consider the following.
    • The Point size of the game is decided by players fighting it, the only stipulation is that all Veteran Units must be used (which will in itself set a minimum points size).
    • Players Get Bonus points to their Army. The player with the Least tiles gets +50 points for each tile less than their opponent. Plus any benefits from any Manfactorums they may control.
    • No army may be more than 25% larger than another (due to any benefits etc).
    • The Tile you are fighting over helps decide the mission you are playing.
    • Tiles with no buildings on can either be played as Seize Ground or Annihilation. The Deployment is decided by the normal way.
    • Tiles with a Building on are either Capture and Control or Seize Ground, The Attacker chooses which mission type it is, while the defender picks the deployment type.
    • Planetstrike Missions are played using either the Standard Planetfall mission from the Planetstrike Supplement if the Tile has no Buildings, if however the Tile does have a building on it then the Planetstrike mission used is the Stronghold mission.
    • You must use the Veteran units and Commanders / Lieutenants written on the army roster you are using. In the case of the Planetstrike Missions (due to the different FOC each army must use its Veteran Units, and then may choose the different options allowed.

  1. Resolve Victories & Defeats - The Victorious Player must roll a D6 and consult the spoils of war table, The Defeated player must roll on the Ignominious Defeats table. Any Commander that was removed as a casualty during the game must roll on the Character Injuries table. Finally the winner must roll a d6, on a
    • 1-3 The defeated army is driven back 1 tile towards their capitol.
    • 4-6 The Defeated Army is removed from Play as it scatters for home. 
  2. Resolve Expeditions -  Each of your armies may perform the following actions
    • If an army is driven back by another army they cannot do anything else this turn.
    • If an army is in an unclaimed tile they may claim it. Stick a flag in it.
    • If your army is in a tile occupied by an enemy army and a battle wasn’t fought roll a D6, and consult the list below:
      1. On a 1 your army is removed.
      2. On a 2-3 your army is driven back a tile.
      3. On a 4-5 the enemy is driven back a tile.
      4. On a 6 the enemy army is removed.
    • If your army is on a tile you already control then it may build one of the following: Power Stations, Command Bastion, Manufactorum, Shield Generator. Each army may only build once per season.
    • If your army is in an enemy tile that does not contain any armies you may attempt to conquer it. The enemy player may make a fortification save to see if he can prevent you doing so. If the player rolls a 6+ they prevent you taking the tile. The following modifiers apply:
      1. For Each Tile you control that Borders it -1 (to a Max of -6)
      2. If you won a Planetstrike Scenario on the tile this turn -5
      3. The Tile contains Defence Lines +1
      4. The Tile is a Mountain or Spaceport Tile + 2
      5. The tile is adjacent to a Shield Generator +Bonus (Race Specific)
      6. The tile contains a Shield Generator +Bonus (Race Specific)
      7. A Natural 1 is always a failure and a natural 6 is always a success.
  3. End of Turn - At the end of each season tidy up the board by removing all the armies from it, and fight the large scenario.