Planetary Empires Campaign Part 7

Ok so Day 7 should have been the last day, hence it being titled winning the campaign... however I actually feel that the next post on Day 8 is well worth a read!

Winning the Campaign

The Campaign is won by the first army to reach 15 Tiles, or if the Campaign reaches its conclusion prior to this happening the Largest Empire.

At the end of the Winter Campaign every player takes part in a Multi-player game.

Each force picks a 3000 point army, excluding their Commanders. The Commanders are included Free of Charge and take up no FOC slots.

The 3000 points must include any Veteran Units that were in the three armies. If this means there are more than the FOC of Veteran units then you have to include them but you may not pick any other choices for that FOC slot.

Then Each player is paired off against another one.

The Mission: Total Dominace

In this mission 5 Objectives are deployed. Each player has a HQ objective that is worth 3 Objective points to themselves and 1 to the enemy. This may be placed anywhere on the board (as close to the board edge as you like) but not with 12” of another objective.

The players then Roll off for the next three Objectives, placing them Normally.

At the end of the game each side counts up how many Kill Points & Objectives they have.

Then they roll a D6 and consult the Table Below

  • 1-2 : The Player with the Most Kill Points Wins
  • 3-4 : The Player with the Most Objective Wins
  • 5-6: The Player with the Most Kill Points & Objectives wins.

Deployment: Pitched Battle

Game Length: The game goes on for 5 turns then a winner is calculated.

Special Rules:

After this game is finished the Winner takes their remaining Models and plays another game.

Characters do not regain wounds or one use Wargear items between Games

Vehicles that are Immobilised get to roll a D6 at the end of a game on a 5+ they manage to do a Battlefield repair that allows it to move, if they fail the 5+ roll then they cannot join the new game and count as destroyed.

Units that have lost models are put back into action without the Missing Models.

This is an Elimination as losing knocks a Player out, however there is nothing to stop the losing players playing each other.

For the Second Round it is decided that the Player that wins first plays the Player that wins 2nd, so the 3rd and 4th